Vienna Biennale for Change 2019

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The Vienna Biennale is the first event of its kind to combine art, design, and architecture, with the aim of generating creative ideas and artistic projects to help improve the world. It was established with the understanding that we are living in a new modernity in which the digital revolution penetrates all areas of our life and is thus fundamentally changing our civilization. This year’s event, Vienna Biennale for Change: BRAVE NEW VIRTUES. Shaping Our Digital World will take place May 25 to June 6. 

The city of Vienna was chosen as a host in recognition of its impact to the era of Western Modernity in the 1900s and the significant creations that still affect our society up to this day. At The Vienna Biennale, the city becomes a part of the exhibit. 

This year, the most salient exhibitions are:

UNCANNY VALUES: Artificial Intelligence & You

In this new, technologically advanced world, we need to develop new values that include our machines regarding society, politics, economy and ecology; in short, our civilization.


An exhibition of the University of Applied Arts Vienna in collaboration with Time’s Up and Linz. This exhibition presents an “experiential future,” a walk-through story set in an immersive surrounding, a stimulation for all of the senses. Possible futures are explored in a real-life setting, in the here and now with curiosity and playfulness.


The exhibition will put objects from the collection into the context of new, heterogenic perspectives. Here, historical objects from the collection and contemporary productions by local and international designers engage in an intensive dialogue with one another and provide a better understanding of the potential and transformation of design across disciplines and epochs. 

The Vienna Biennale is an initiative of the MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art. It is organized by the MAK, the University of Applied Arts Vienna, the Kunsthalle Wien, the Architekturzentrum Wien, and the Vienna Business Agency, and with support from the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology as a non-university research partner.