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At Vivince, we know that we aren’t the only event industry professional in the game, and that is why we look beyond our borders for design inspiration. Our search for artists to love drew our attention to the Sydney Design Festival in Sydney Australia, where both emerging and established designers pave the way with innovative work and abstract pieces.

The festival offers a platform, allowing designers access and engagement to new audiences across the city, while working to be inclusive and representative of all disciplines and directions of design. Moreover, the Sydney-based festival tackles modern design challenges and provides a glimpse into the future of artistic design.

This year, the annual event took place in early March and displayed dozens of brilliant minds, stunning set-ups, and innovative takes on everyday items. From grand scale exhibitions of art, to cutting-edge conversations led by event and design industry leaders, the education and enrichment opportunities were endless.

Below we have highlighted some of our favorite pieces and places within the Sydney Design Festival and are excited to share our industry insights all the beauty. To get a glimpse into the festival and see what’s inspiring us, keep scrolling!

Common GoodVivince Event Studio Sydney Design Festival

Vivince Event Studio Sydney Design Festival

Designed to survey contemporary design from the Asia-Pacific region that “explores design-led responses to social, ethical, and environmental challenges by a new generation of socially engaged designers,” Common Good is an exhibit that will bring artistic inspiration as well as humbling perspective. Among the topics explored are diminishing natural resources, population pressure, and the preservation of cultural heritage.

Through an all-around sensory experience, Common Good uses a variety of materials and textiles, contemporary craft, video game design, and large-scale architectural interventions that present unique contemporary design practices and showcase international development initiatives. International designers, as well as globally recognized local designers, will come together to share in their passions and raise awareness for the ability of technology to jumpstart social awareness and influence change.

Future Artefacts
Vivince Event Studio Sydney Design Festival
Presented by Australian Design Centre, this collaborative exhibition rallies together works by conceptual designers Alexi Freeman and Tessa Blazey, and displayed their artistry through photos by Jane Burton.

The seven-year collaboration between conceptual designers Alexi Freeman and Tessa Blazey intersected with the photography talents of Jane Burton and the craftsmanship from sculptor Kate Rohde to create an awe-inspiring art piece that was set to compositions by Byron Meyer.

The collaborative piece is inspired by the love of science fiction and geometry and explores the human body through jewelry sculptures and unique wearable artifacts.

Liberation Prison Project
Vivince Event Studio Sydney Design Festival
Established in 1996 by Ven. Robina Courtin, an Australian Buddhist nun, the Liberation Prison Project has Australian roots but invites art from around the world.

Thanks to a team of volunteers across the globe who correspond with incarcerated men and women, the gallery includes artwork made by people in prisons in Australia and around the world, as well as a selection of poems written by prisoners which are recited aloud by actors.

The Liberation Prison Project not only allows for art to be seen and appreciated by the public, it offers the prisoners who generate it a healthy outlet to understand their minds and behaviors and overcome habits with healing. This two-sided set-up is inspiring to the public and transformational to the prisoners, allowing for a dual-purpose project that will captivate audiences everywhere.

From the premiere projects to the festival favorites, the Sydney Design Festival is a platform for top-of-the-line design and artistry, as well as emerging efforts for transformation and change. We loved the collaborative creations and the catalyst for artistry and impact that they were, and we hope you will love them, too.

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