Milan Design Week

One of our favorite weeks of the year, Milan Design Week, did not disappoint. Cited as the creative world’s most hectic and vibrant moments of the year, hundreds flock from all over the world to the historic Italian city to be the first to see the ground-breaking artistry displayed amongst the courtyards and historical buildings. Between the latest product releases brought by the world’s top brands (think SONY, etc.) to the interactive art exhibits planned and buzzing branded after parties, event professionals and artists alike were met with the new wave of innovation. 

From new creativity brought to the table by familiar brands such as SONY, to Diakin to the dawning of new social change initiatives, the Vivince team brings you our favorite picks and expert insights from Milan Design Week 2019.

The Accursed Hour by Carlos Amorales

Milan Design Week

Set in fondazione adolfo pini in Milan, a swarm of 15,000 butterflies invaded the estate as part of Carlos Amorales’ exhibition, the accursed hour. The all-encompassing exhibit consisted of thousands of black paper creatures, as well as haunting silhouettes and a slow but steady shift between images and signs. Derived from Amorales’ life-size installations black cloud and life in the folds, this year’s piece carried the same somber theme and was made possible by additions from other artists, such as Gabi Scardi. Read more about it on designboom here.


Affinity in Autonomy by SONY

Milan Design Week

The familiar namesake took an unexpected turn when SONY curated an evolving sensory experience that required guests to step inside and play along. Five distinct spaces moved through a spectrum of constantly changing colors and sounds and invited attendees to share in the scene that was unfolding in front of them. The aim of this exhibition was to explore how technology can not only enrich our lives, but how it can also create an emotional connection with humans. Read more on this project here.


Adjacent Field by Linda Tegg

Milan Design WeekLiving, growing, and constantly evolving, adjacent field by Linda Tegg was the inaugural piece of the new series, Jil Sander + Collections. Focused on increasing the wellbeing of others, the initiative creates durable products for men and women living outside city limits. The concept was unveiled through Tegg’s urban garden, which was brimming with mosses and succulents, blackberries, blue pimpernels, common chickweeds, geraniums, high mallows, ivy, and more, all sourced from the fields in and around Milan.


Breeze of Light by Nendo

Milan Design Week

Another familiar household product company elevated their vision to the abstract through this crisp and airy exhibition. Nendo united with Daikin to create “Breeze of Light,” based on the concept of invisible air. As visitors wound their way through a field of 17,000 “flowers,” the team hoped that they would enjoy an out-of-body spatial experience and ‘experience insight what we can only feel in real life.’



Milan Design Week

Preciosa, a Czech luxury lighting firm, created an interactive installation that reacted to the “effortless act” of breathing. Comprised of 1,000 crystal bubbles, the room-sized ‘Breath of Light’ installation married mysterious artistry with innovative technology by inserting four sensors at various ends of the installation and encouraging visitors to breathe in in order to activate the lighting. 

From the familiar faces to the rising reputations of new initiatives, Milan Design Week 2019 did not disappoint.