Custom suiting is an option amongst a sea of others like bespoke, off-the-rack, and online, and albeit, not the easiest. Walking into a tailoring space has a reputation for being quite demanding; multiple doting employees may come to mind, pulling and measuring away while asking you many, many questions.

In 2018 however, custom suiting is making a major comeback. Designers like Brooklyn’s Thom Sweeney and Sydney’s P. Johnson are seeing potential in a new type of groomsmen. “Guys today are really after an experience,” Johnson says to GQ. “They don’t want to go into a shop and buy something straight off the rack that everyone can have. They want to be part of the creation process.”

In The New York Times last Autumn, a band of groomsmen from Montclair described their enchantment with their custom-made suits.  “We’ve looked forward to this day for months,” said Mike Canfora, “Women have so many events. Other than the bachelor party, guys don’t have another opportunity to get together and celebrate.”

Now, as custom suiting and pre-wedding grooming are becoming in vogue in the U.S., companies are embracing this new transition by crafting experiences out these fittings and meetings. Variations of “Suits and Scotch Night,” are popping up all over the country and are becoming as ritualistic as something blue.


Here are some of our favorite designers who are breaking the mold of made-to-order:


Thom Sweeney

Why we love it: “We took Italian construction with a softer shoulder and lighter canvas. That way the garment moves with you.”

A Man's Involvement in the Wedding: Custom Suiting

Photo Courtesy of Thom Sweeney

P. Johnson

Why we love it: Patrick Johnson prides itself on creating comfortable and relaxed showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, New York and London.

A Man's Involvement in the Wedding: Custom Suiting

Photo Courtesy of P. Johnson


Robinson Brooklyn

Why we love it: They offer custom, made-to-wear, and bespoke options in Williamsburg, NY and have been established since the 50’s, giving this brand an old-world charm.

A Man's Involvement in the Wedding: Custom Suiting

Photo Courtesy of Robinson Brooklyn

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