Favorite Four: Florists

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Whether we are hosting a wedding, planning an interactive art exhibition, or throwing an exciting celebration, it is almost a guarantee that flowers will be a part of the day. They might adorn the tables as centerpieces, hang from the ceiling in an artistic collection, or float frozen in blocks of ice, but flowers are ever-present and have a way of bringing pops of color and strains of life into any setting.

Here at Vivince, we have had the joy of connecting and collaborating with some of the best florists in the Parks City area and beyond and we want to brag on our top five favorite florists.
So if you’re in the market for a floral expert in the area, or you’re just looking for local inspiration, keep reading to learn all about our five favorite florists! 

Decoration Inc – Salt Lake City-based, Decoration Inc. is a boutique floral studio that has been servicing style-conscious clients more than 25 years. Environmentally conscious and experts in locally-sourced products, they have provided beautiful blooms for weddings and events big and small, including our very own High West styled shoot, Natural History Museum of Utah styled shoot, and more. Take a look at their seasonal selections and versatile arrangements here! 

Pepper Nix Photography

Honey of a Thousand Flowers – Sarah Winward – As sweet as the name might imply, Honey of a Thousand Flowers is owned and operated by Sarah, a destination wedding florist that creates flower arrangements that evoke feeling rather than just sit idly on a table. Inspired by diverse textures and the changing of the seasons, her arrangements contain blooms that are natural for the environment for which she designs. Sarah makes her floral arrangements speak for themselves by gathering materials and blooms that are indigenous to the area to make them look organic and effortless. Don’t you love this look? 

Ryan Ray Photography

Orchid Dynasty – Have you ever wanted to add a completely original element to your decor? Orchid Dynasty is the florist to carry it out. Specializing in out-of-the-box blooms that will have guests scratching their heads in amazement, Orchid Dynasty delivers unique orchids and oriental flowers big and small. The Salt Lake City company provides a-la-carte pieces, as well as wedding and event florals. You may remember their bouquet beauty in Madison and Igor’s wedding.

Artisan Bloom – A Utah native, Kellie from Artisan Bloom has been providing the state with custom floral design since 2000. A nature lover at her core, Kellie and her team of designers take flair and creativity to another level, bringing Utah’s freshest flowers to her customers and arranging them in creative ways.

Whether we have worked with them in the past or we simply admire how they conduct their business, we are excited to include florals as a part of the Favorite Five series! Don’t forget to follow these flower experts for more inspiration and check back on the blog for more favorite fives!