It’s always an honor when we can help a Utah community event come to life, and it’s even more rewarding when it’s for a great cause! Recently, Vivince founder Joe Urankar served as a co-chair for the People’s Health Clinic’s gala, and assisted in bringing the heartfelt 20th Anniversary Celebration to new heights. Learn all about the Park City event and its impact in the article below! 

More than just an event, the People’s Health Clinic’s 20th Anniversary Celebration was also a year-long awareness campaign seeking to bring the city together around a mutual care for the community’s most vulnerable. The clinic offers free whole-health care for individuals and families who don’t have access to affordable health insurance; people who often work multiple seasonal jobs to make ends meet, without receiving any benefits. While continuing to draw attention to the fantastic work of the organization, the party itself served as their first ever major fundraiser, rallying excitement and support to the tune of almost $600,000.

From the reason for celebrating, down to the smallest details such as the flowers and food, the event was a hub for all things Park City. Amicably themed “Denim and Diamonds,” the dress code beckoned guests to play into the ambiance of the party and match the venue, which took place in the beautiful Equestrian Center at Promontory. 

The flowers adorning each table were grown sustainably in the heart of Park City and provided by Petal and Clay. The trees which lined at the entrance we’re from a local landscape company, and the cocktail hour was organized as a dine-around of five local restaurants competing for guests’ attention.  Entertainment was provided by a local singer-songwriter, rounding out an evening that was something truly special.

The collective neighborhood energy and community care that drove every aspect of the event created an unforgettable night, but it didn’t stop right there. Thousands of dollars were raised for the campaign and countless lives will be transformed because of what this night began. 

Thank you to Park City and to People’s Health Clinic for letting us be a part of such a special event!