How to Have a Tasteful Autumn Event

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A crispness fills the air, there’s a brisk breeze, and colors are bursting at every turn – there’s something about Autumn that is so warm and welcoming. Whether it is the bold color palette that nature takes on, or it is the subtle rustic theme that comes through in decor and design in the fall months, we love Autumn and are always striving to bring out the best in our seasonal designs.

As the cool nights draw closer and Autumn gears up, we are excited to share how to have a tasteful Autumn event. Inspired by one of our favorite creative collaborations, our Wolf Creek shoot, we will share how to encapsulate fall through complimentary colors and textures that might not be so obvious. 

Whether you’re planning an outdoor occasion surrounded by Autumnal beauty, or you’re wanting to incorporate touches of fall to your indoor affair, keep reading to find creative ways to pull off a tasteful Autumn event.


Complimentary colors: When we think of decorating for Autumn, our minds often go to the standard color scheme: rusty red, burnt orange, or bright yellow. But to make your event truly pop, consider going beyond the basics to compliment and contrast the colors of the season. In the Wolf Creek Styled Shoot, we explored charcoal grays, crisp whites, and beautiful beige themes to coincide with the wooded yellow venue. Traces of elegance were added in through subtle copper details that were sprinkled throughout the ceremony.

Unique textures We have all seen the burlap and rustic barn doors make an appearance at an Autumn event. And the twine and the tweed shows up without fail. But Vivince likes to explore unique textures that guests may not be expecting.
For example, the feather-covered wall photographed below added a quiet elegance and earthy beauty that contrasted with the foliage behind it. 

Fall-themed food and drinks: Whether you’re taking an elegant twist on Apple cider, or you’re weaving cinnamon spiced goodness into the hors d’oeuvres, fall-themed treats can be a surefire way to incorporate seasonal snacks with a classy take. In this particular event, we chose pie for the warm colors and comforting flavors it brought to the table. How comforting are these stunning pies that dot the photos with color?

Fresh floral: Deep and dramatic or fresh and crisp, either way you lean, your fall-themed floral decor will add something special and sweet. We chose to take a unique twist on florals with bright whites and earthy greens that would contribute to the natural landscape and copper tones that surrounded us. 



The Big Fake Wedding: A Look into The Unique Bridal Show

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When it comes to events, the more unique it is, the more it stands out, the better. From decorations to smells, to the way you set up your event, to what your guests are feeling throughout the day, every single detail is important when it comes to event planning. Today, we want to present you with a very unique event that will surely capture your attention. 


The Big Fake Wedding was created in 2008 and it’s the first bridal show of its kind: at The Big Fake Wedding, vendors get to showcase their products and services to shopping brides and grooms just like they would on the day of the wedding. Today, 11 years later, The Big Fake Wedding is still the most uniquely-curated and far-reaching bridal show in the United States, bringing over 6,000 attendees and 1,000 vendors annually across more than 30 events in 25 cities.

The Big Fake Wedding was founded by Callie Murray. Then an aspiring wedding photographer, Murray was looking for a way to build her new business effectively. She had in mind the goals of promoting small businesses, inspiring brides and grooms, and encouraging solid marriages. She took these ideas and rallied her wedding industry friends together to create the ultimate wedding shop experience: a fake wedding where the shopping brides and grooms could see the vendors in action. The inaugural event in 2008 was a hit, and The Big Fake Wedding quickly became an annual event in Atlanta. Through the years, Murray has assembled an incredible team of professionals that have been able to bring The Big Fake Wedding to cities across the country. 

And it’s because of its unique factor that The Big Fake Wedding became such a success: this is the only bridal show where the couples get to experience what each vendor will make their wedding feel like. With all types of events, it’s important to keep in mind what your guests will feel when they arrive–with weddings, it’s indispensable. Unlike an average showcase, The Big Fake Wedding allows you to immerse into the feeling and atmosphere while you celebrate love and commitment. Here, guests get to see what their wedding might look like, feel like, and even smell like. They get to put themselves in their guests’ shoes. 

So what should you expect as a guest of The Big Fake Wedding? There is no assigned seating, so you should make sure you arrive early to have the best possible view of everything you are interested in seeing. Remember to shoot for cocktail attire and bring a print copy of your ticket that you can cash in for a “real” ticket, a wedding invitation! Once inside, you can expect to see a ceremony (a real-life married couple renewing their vows), food, and a party-wedding reception. 

Are you tying the knot this year? Make your wedding memorable by putting yourself in your guests’ shoes and making sure you are hiring the vendors that adapt the best to the experience you are looking for.