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Best of Light: Artists and Festivals Who Capture and Bend Lighting

By August 9, 2019 No Comments

At Vivince, we are dedicated to seeking out industry innovators, out-of-box artists, and designers all across the globe. Our search has led us to find some of the most brilliant minds who manipulate and mold fascinating textures and textiles, so we wanted to explore the most innovative and eccentric throughout each medium. Take a look below to see our favorite pieces and interpretations of lighting!

Our first artist spotlight led us to Choe U-Ram, who is known for combining beauty and technology in a profound and compelling way. Whether it is through manipulating robotics or morphing glass into something nearly unrecognizable, Choe bends the limits of what we know about structure to generate a new concept of lighting. See his work here in Una Lumino, a kinetic sculpture comprised of metallic buds made of acrylic and stainless steel. Not only is the computerized structure alluring and bright, it also bears an enchanting tale that delves into the sculptures origins “brand new species of mechanized sentient creatures.” What’s more, Una Lumino is a creation straight out a science-fiction novel.

DGT Architects captivated us with Tsuyoshi Tane’s Ligh’s Time art installation which featured over 80,000 suspended main plates. The plates capture time both physically and metaphorically – as they are what composes a literal watch and reflect light in a time-stopping glimmer. The Parisian designers debuted the exhibit at the Triennale di Milano exhibition hall where it stood complimentary to a display of 1920’s pocket watches which carried on the theme of time.

Artist James Turrell, an American artist and proud Quaker has made it his mission to nurture “the light within” by giving internal light a concrete reality. “My work is very literal and in that sense very American, It’s not about light — it is light,” he explains. “I think most of us recognise that light filling a void can be a very powerful experience — a reminder that segregating the literal and what we call the ‘spiritual’ can sometimes be a meaningless distinction.”
Here we see part of his exhibition, A Retrospective.

Lastly, we would like to introduce you to Vivid Sydney, a multi-day festival in Sydney, Australia that invites in electric art and compelling approaches to sound. The urban festival specifically showcases innovators who use light as their primary medium. Hundreds of artists light up the Sydney night sky with neon shades of color in installments big and small. Here is one of our favorite pieces from last year’s Vivid Sydney Festival!