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Community Comes Together For People’s Health Clinic Gala

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It’s always an honor when we can help a Utah community event come to life, and it’s even more rewarding when it’s for a great cause! Recently, Vivince founder Joe Urankar served as a co-chair for the People’s Health Clinic’s gala, and assisted in bringing the heartfelt 20th Anniversary Celebration to new heights. Learn all about the Park City event and its impact in the article below! 

More than just an event, the People’s Health Clinic’s 20th Anniversary Celebration was also a year-long awareness campaign seeking to bring the city together around a mutual care for the community’s most vulnerable. The clinic offers free whole-health care for individuals and families who don’t have access to affordable health insurance; people who often work multiple seasonal jobs to make ends meet, without receiving any benefits. While continuing to draw attention to the fantastic work of the organization, the party itself served as their first ever major fundraiser, rallying excitement and support to the tune of almost $600,000.

From the reason for celebrating, down to the smallest details such as the flowers and food, the event was a hub for all things Park City. Amicably themed “Denim and Diamonds,” the dress code beckoned guests to play into the ambiance of the party and match the venue, which took place in the beautiful Equestrian Center at Promontory. 

The flowers adorning each table were grown sustainably in the heart of Park City and provided by Petal and Clay. The trees which lined at the entrance we’re from a local landscape company, and the cocktail hour was organized as a dine-around of five local restaurants competing for guests’ attention.  Entertainment was provided by a local singer-songwriter, rounding out an evening that was something truly special.

The collective neighborhood energy and community care that drove every aspect of the event created an unforgettable night, but it didn’t stop right there. Thousands of dollars were raised for the campaign and countless lives will be transformed because of what this night began. 

Thank you to Park City and to People’s Health Clinic for letting us be a part of such a special event! 

The Big Fake Wedding: A Look into The Unique Bridal Show

By | Wedding

When it comes to events, the more unique it is, the more it stands out, the better. From decorations to smells, to the way you set up your event, to what your guests are feeling throughout the day, every single detail is important when it comes to event planning. Today, we want to present you with a very unique event that will surely capture your attention. 


The Big Fake Wedding was created in 2008 and it’s the first bridal show of its kind: at The Big Fake Wedding, vendors get to showcase their products and services to shopping brides and grooms just like they would on the day of the wedding. Today, 11 years later, The Big Fake Wedding is still the most uniquely-curated and far-reaching bridal show in the United States, bringing over 6,000 attendees and 1,000 vendors annually across more than 30 events in 25 cities.

The Big Fake Wedding was founded by Callie Murray. Then an aspiring wedding photographer, Murray was looking for a way to build her new business effectively. She had in mind the goals of promoting small businesses, inspiring brides and grooms, and encouraging solid marriages. She took these ideas and rallied her wedding industry friends together to create the ultimate wedding shop experience: a fake wedding where the shopping brides and grooms could see the vendors in action. The inaugural event in 2008 was a hit, and The Big Fake Wedding quickly became an annual event in Atlanta. Through the years, Murray has assembled an incredible team of professionals that have been able to bring The Big Fake Wedding to cities across the country. 

And it’s because of its unique factor that The Big Fake Wedding became such a success: this is the only bridal show where the couples get to experience what each vendor will make their wedding feel like. With all types of events, it’s important to keep in mind what your guests will feel when they arrive–with weddings, it’s indispensable. Unlike an average showcase, The Big Fake Wedding allows you to immerse into the feeling and atmosphere while you celebrate love and commitment. Here, guests get to see what their wedding might look like, feel like, and even smell like. They get to put themselves in their guests’ shoes. 

So what should you expect as a guest of The Big Fake Wedding? There is no assigned seating, so you should make sure you arrive early to have the best possible view of everything you are interested in seeing. Remember to shoot for cocktail attire and bring a print copy of your ticket that you can cash in for a “real” ticket, a wedding invitation! Once inside, you can expect to see a ceremony (a real-life married couple renewing their vows), food, and a party-wedding reception. 

Are you tying the knot this year? Make your wedding memorable by putting yourself in your guests’ shoes and making sure you are hiring the vendors that adapt the best to the experience you are looking for. 

Glass Art: Mastering Materials

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Colored or clear, textured or shattered, there is something intangible about glass art and the many forms it can take. Artists have long used the material to create small detailed designs in jewelry or windows, and in modern years it has become a medium and a backdrop for grand-scale sculptures and perplexing installations. The team at Vivince has seen glass manipulated, mirrored and molded-in countless ways and we have collected some of our favorites pieces that have left us inspired. Whether they are glass-like icy sculptures like the ones seen in our Snow Bird styled shoot, intentionally crafted sculptures, or even a simple array of mirrors and lenses that require light to be understood, we are excited to share those favorites with you:


Chihuly Garden and Glass Art


glass art

Brightly colored and uniquely branded, Dale Chihuly’s all-glass artwork has become a patented piece for homes and gardens everywhere. The reaching shapes that swirl upwards and the rich colors that make them stand out in their organic home of greenery and pale sky have made the Chihuly pieces a garden staple, and have inspired other artists to take a similar approach. But nothing is quite like taking a visit to Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle, Washington to walk through the garden gallery and glass house for yourself.


MoMa’s “Take Your Time”

glass art

When looking at glass as a medium of expression, mirrors can often be overlooked. An everyday object can possess a profound meaning and potential by creating a reflective space (literally and figuratively) and manifesting an environment without being guided or prescribed. Take, for example, the “Take Your Time” exhibit as seen at the MoMa in the gallery linked above. Artist Olafur Eliasson “has experimented with installations based on mechanisms of motion, projection, shadow, and reflection, creating complex optical phenomena using simple, makeshift technical devices.”

In one of Eliasson’s crowning pieces, a giant rotating circular mirror which spans 40 feet in diameter and weighs 1,000 pounds, is mounted to the ceiling at an angle, gently turning at one revolution per minute. This minute movement and seemingly simple piece was enough, however, to transform the room, as guests perception of space was altered as they laid beneath it. Strangers would sit together and gawk at the ceiling, and friends would sprawl out or lay down on the art gallery floor to take in this transformative piece. 


glass art

As with many of the glass pieces we love, the beauty isn’t necessarily in the material, but the shadows and light it casts. For example, the MINAMO, created by Torafu Architects for Tokyo Design Werk, allows you to feel the elusive beauty of being underwater while still standing above ground. The “water” keeps moving in an ever-changing form as guests step in and out of the flexible light receiving reflector, seeing the effect of their interaction shimmering on the walls, ceiling, and floor around them.

Arcades by Troika 

glass art

It is amazing what the clever combination of light and glass can curate, and this work in London Design studio Troika shows just how impactful it can be. 14 steep columns of light beam upwards in powerful bars, refracting in angles that create the illusion of curving light. The streams of light are positioned to bend as gothic arches above to create an “illusory passageway” within the studio – a sense of physical space and form where neither exist.

Milan Design Week

Milan Design Week 2019 Favorite Four

By | Favorite Five

One of our favorite weeks of the year, Milan Design Week, did not disappoint. Cited as the creative world’s most hectic and vibrant moments of the year, hundreds flock from all over the world to the historic Italian city to be the first to see the ground-breaking artistry displayed amongst the courtyards and historical buildings. Between the latest product releases brought by the world’s top brands (think SONY, etc.) to the interactive art exhibits planned and buzzing branded after parties, event professionals and artists alike were met with the new wave of innovation. 

From new creativity brought to the table by familiar brands such as SONY, to Diakin to the dawning of new social change initiatives, the Vivince team brings you our favorite picks and expert insights from Milan Design Week 2019.

The Accursed Hour by Carlos Amorales

Milan Design Week

Set in fondazione adolfo pini in Milan, a swarm of 15,000 butterflies invaded the estate as part of Carlos Amorales’ exhibition, the accursed hour. The all-encompassing exhibit consisted of thousands of black paper creatures, as well as haunting silhouettes and a slow but steady shift between images and signs. Derived from Amorales’ life-size installations black cloud and life in the folds, this year’s piece carried the same somber theme and was made possible by additions from other artists, such as Gabi Scardi. Read more about it on designboom here.


Affinity in Autonomy by SONY

Milan Design Week

The familiar namesake took an unexpected turn when SONY curated an evolving sensory experience that required guests to step inside and play along. Five distinct spaces moved through a spectrum of constantly changing colors and sounds and invited attendees to share in the scene that was unfolding in front of them. The aim of this exhibition was to explore how technology can not only enrich our lives, but how it can also create an emotional connection with humans. Read more on this project here.


Adjacent Field by Linda Tegg

Milan Design WeekLiving, growing, and constantly evolving, adjacent field by Linda Tegg was the inaugural piece of the new series, Jil Sander + Collections. Focused on increasing the wellbeing of others, the initiative creates durable products for men and women living outside city limits. The concept was unveiled through Tegg’s urban garden, which was brimming with mosses and succulents, blackberries, blue pimpernels, common chickweeds, geraniums, high mallows, ivy, and more, all sourced from the fields in and around Milan.


Breeze of Light by Nendo

Milan Design Week

Another familiar household product company elevated their vision to the abstract through this crisp and airy exhibition. Nendo united with Daikin to create “Breeze of Light,” based on the concept of invisible air. As visitors wound their way through a field of 17,000 “flowers,” the team hoped that they would enjoy an out-of-body spatial experience and ‘experience insight what we can only feel in real life.’



Milan Design Week

Preciosa, a Czech luxury lighting firm, created an interactive installation that reacted to the “effortless act” of breathing. Comprised of 1,000 crystal bubbles, the room-sized ‘Breath of Light’ installation married mysterious artistry with innovative technology by inserting four sensors at various ends of the installation and encouraging visitors to breathe in in order to activate the lighting. 

From the familiar faces to the rising reputations of new initiatives, Milan Design Week 2019 did not disappoint. 

Best of Light

Best of Light: Artists and Festivals Who Capture and Bend Lighting

By | Favorite Five

At Vivince, we are dedicated to seeking out industry innovators, out-of-box artists, and designers all across the globe. Our search has led us to find some of the most brilliant minds who manipulate and mold fascinating textures and textiles, so we wanted to explore the most innovative and eccentric throughout each medium. Take a look below to see our favorite pieces and interpretations of lighting!

Our first artist spotlight led us to Choe U-Ram, who is known for combining beauty and technology in a profound and compelling way. Whether it is through manipulating robotics or morphing glass into something nearly unrecognizable, Choe bends the limits of what we know about structure to generate a new concept of lighting. See his work here in Una Lumino, a kinetic sculpture comprised of metallic buds made of acrylic and stainless steel. Not only is the computerized structure alluring and bright, it also bears an enchanting tale that delves into the sculptures origins “brand new species of mechanized sentient creatures.” What’s more, Una Lumino is a creation straight out a science-fiction novel.

Best of Light

DGT Architects captivated us with Tsuyoshi Tane’s Ligh’s Time art installation which featured over 80,000 suspended main plates. The plates capture time both physically and metaphorically – as they are what composes a literal watch and reflect light in a time-stopping glimmer. The Parisian designers debuted the exhibit at the Triennale di Milano exhibition hall where it stood complimentary to a display of 1920’s pocket watches which carried on the theme of time.

Best of Light

Artist James Turrell, an American artist and proud Quaker has made it his mission to nurture “the light within” by giving internal light a concrete reality. “My work is very literal and in that sense very American, It’s not about light — it is light,” he explains. “I think most of us recognise that light filling a void can be a very powerful experience — a reminder that segregating the literal and what we call the ‘spiritual’ can sometimes be a meaningless distinction.”
Here we see part of his exhibition, A Retrospective.

Best of Light
Lastly, we would like to introduce you to Vivid Sydney, a multi-day festival in Sydney, Australia that invites in electric art and compelling approaches to sound. The urban festival specifically showcases innovators who use light as their primary medium. Hundreds of artists light up the Sydney night sky with neon shades of color in installments big and small. Here is one of our favorite pieces from last year’s Vivid Sydney Festival!

Best of Light


Vivince Launches New Website

By | Corporate

After much anticipation and development, Vivince is excited to unveil the redesign of our website. From the new portfolios of our work, to our ongoing insights and inspiration on the blog; the site offers a glimpse into who we are as event planners and designers.  We’ll explore the crossroads between the local and global arts communities, share behind the scenes looks into the experiences we create, and demonstrate how the creative sector can be leveraged for captivating and unique event experiences. We pride ourselves on being more than just an event planning company, and have worked hard to ensure that our website tells that story.

“We are excited to bring Vivince to life in a digital space. We hope that you will be able to dive into what it means to capture moments in time in the spirit of celebration through the examples and insights you will find on” Says Vivince founder and owner, Joseph Urankar.

As you navigate through each page, we hope that you will learn what it means to live a life of celebration. You will have the chance to dig deep into the “why” behind Vivince, see our favorite collaborative works and memorable events, see the joy and experience we bring to clients, and so much more. Whether you are in the market for an event planner, or you’re searching for information and inspiration, you have come to the right place. Welcome to the Vivince website.