Artist Spotlight: Bisco Smith

By November 15, 2019 No Comments

Art is all around us – in architecture, home decor, fashion and more. It is a conglomeration of culture, individual expression, and inspiration that can’t be replicated. Urban art, in particular, cultivates a sense of expression in the community, as it reflects the streets and the culture buzzing around it. Vivince loves seeing the colorful conviction that urban street art brings, and that’s why we have loved following New York City’s, Bisco Smith, as he is making waves in Park City through his daring street art and creative workshops. Keep reading to discover just what he’s up to!

Graffiti artist and DJ Bisco Smith has his roots planted in Queens, New York, but has a traveled all across New York, Los Angeles, and even to the Middle East to create magnificent works and support the next generation in artistic exploration. This past spring, he was chosen among the many talented candidates to partner with the Summit County Public Art Advisory Board in conjunction with the PCSC Arts Council and Basin Recreation to lead the Park City young artist community in a two-day creative workshop.

The youth engagement project formerly known as “The Future is Now” is designed to engage a diverse population of the local youth by having them contribute to an interactive street art mural in the tunnel under Highway 224, which serves as a literal and figurative connection point for the Park City community. 

The leaders brought in Bisco to lay the street art groundwork and foster a positive outlet for the diverse group of young people to work together, express themselves, and collectively create a vision and a bridge for the future. Hadley Dynak, Executive Director of the PCSC Arts Council states, “This is a youth engagement project first, with a public art outcome.”

The workshop took place in early May at the Skullcandy HQ in Kimball Junction and allowed the youth of Summit County to work with the internationally-known street artist to express their voices and creativity while collaborating to create a mural that reflects the community vision and personality. 

The results can be seen at the public site in the tunnel under Highway 224. To see a glimpse of the creation, keep scrolling! And a thank you to our friend and fellow artist, Bisco Smith, for investing in the Park City community.