2018 Sundance Film Festival Memorable Moment with RuPaul Charles

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RuPaul Charles may have first said “When the going gets tough, the tough reinvent,” in his novel ‘Workin’ It! RuPaul’s Guide to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Style,’ but it certainly rang true in the context of Sundance Film Festival. In a full-glory takeover, RuPaul premiered RuPaul’s Drag Race: A Retrospective of the Cultural Phenomenon, in addition to presenting the inaugural NEXT Innovator Award, and speaking on a panel which we were lucky enough to attend.

When asked some of his favorite films, RuPaul expressed an inclination towards, “Movies that express the beauty of what it’s like being a human being and how to overcome your own self-imposed limitations and limitations put on you by society. And of course, I love films that are irreverent and tickle me, because it’s so important to laugh and not take life too seriously.”

In the past year? “I loved “Get Out.” I loved “Lady Bird,” and “The Shape of Water” was fantastic,” he says.

Nothing beat when RuPaul was asked if he enjoyed skiing, while in UT. “[proceeds to laugh long and loud for a solid 12 seconds.] No, that’s, uh … no, um, no, I don’t ski. When you say “ski” to me, all I think of are broken legs.”

The panel, which discussed the next wave of creative innovators, Drag Race’s socio-cultural importance, and contained NO spoilers, breathed inspiration into downtown Park City. After his moving yet characteristically raw perspectives into drag, gender identity, and humiliating fabrics of decades past, Rupaul then turned the panel on Sundance Film Festival director John Cooper.

The entire conversation was a hilariously important panel, which marked our 2018 Sundance Film Festival experience a wholly memorable one.

Sundance Film Festival, Vivince Event Studio, 2018 Sundance Film Festive, RuPaul

Sundance Film Festival, Vivince Event Studio, 2018 Sundance Film Festive, RuPaul


Photos: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

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